What Shade Are You?

Hi everyone!  Its my turn to show my #whatshadeareyou quilt for RJRFabrics. Hurrah!

Quick introduction.. My name is Lucy and I am the one woman show behind SkinnyMalinkyQuilts.  Living in Edinburgh, Scotland, I have been quilting for almost five years.  When I was asked if I wanted to take part in #whatshadeareyou, making any quilt I wanted, I didn’t need to be asked twice!

I had a nugget of an idea to develop one of my Quilt Prints that had been inspired by the old TV test cards.  I love a good colour gradient and this was the perfect opportunity to test out my idea on a large scale.


I used 63 of the Cotton Supreme Solids in the Test Card Quilt because I love all the colours!

30, 374, 191, 280, 296, 427, 126, 292, 274, 294, 362, 364, 254, 424, 214, 335, 409, 343, 359, 368, 358, 285, 379, 140, 182, 384, 337, 228, 103, 186, 67, 34, 201, 219, 383, 381, 297, 431, 351, 319, 155, 380, 433, 365, 283, 372, 33, 361, 394, 386, 367, 181, 417, 311, 339, 277, 226, 135, 237, 86, 235, 176, 430

The Test Card Quilt was planned using graph paper and the very technical approach of cutting off  bits of my colour card and arranging them in the gradient I wanted.  I know, super high tech! I like to use bold simple shapes in my quilts and let the colour do the talking.


Once the quilt top and back were done I had planned to quilt using the machine in a small grid design.  However right at the last moment I decided hand quilting was most appropriate and I wanted to enhance the gradient using thread.  Using dark tones against the dark coloured fabric stitching the lines close together moving up to the lighter end of the quilt with light neutral threads spacing the quilted lines out. It feels amazing!

So here she is!



The finished Test Card Quilt measure 60″ x 60″


Thank you so much RJRFabrics and Rachael for allowing me to use your fabulously vibrant fabrics! Be sure to check out RJR Fabrics blog Quilt With Love to see the other fabulous What Shade Are You quilts. 

If you want to see The Test Card Quilt in real life it will be on display at my studio exhibition at Out of The Blue Drill Hall, Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh from December 4th – 8th.  And if you don’t already you can follow along with my daily makings and general goings on over on Instagram.

Happy quilting!


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