From Tiny Prints to Tiny Fabric

For the past few years I have attempted the #The100DayProject hosted by @elleluna on Instagram and each year I have been thwarted by life.  Not this year!  I was quite deliberate in choosing a project that was managable, that I could find the time to complete everyday while pushing the creative process.

I chose to create A6 prints using lino cut and only black ink creating the hashtag #100daysoftinyprints. I wanted to use limited geometric shapes and find out the positioning of these shapes produced different outcomes.  Finding that each print created ideas for the next.

If you haven’t come across #The100DayProject I would recommend looking through the hashtag at the inspirational projects.  It really is tough going to keep repeating the same but different task day in day out for three months.  A few ladies that rocked #The100DayProject are @lusummers and @quiltscornerstone who both created a series of incredible collages. @charmaboutyou took a different slant and completed #100daysofsilentsewing reclaiming time to reflect and appreciate each stitch.

When I began my #100daysoftinyprints I had initially wanted to use the time to explore making marks in an immediate non planned way and to reconnect with printmaking.  As the time went on fabric design ideas began to emerge.  I couldn’t wait to try them out!

The first design I created was ‘Lots of Spots’.  The name is self-explanatory.  And then came ‘Any Way Up’.  I should at this point explain that during #100DaysofTinyPrints I gave each tiny print a corresponding bingo call.  ‘Any Way Up’ was developed from Tiny Print no.69 whose bingo call was ‘Any Way Up’ due to the number looking the same upside down and right way up.

As always these fabrics will only be printed for a three/ four month period.  I enjoy producing limited edition fabric collections to be able provide something that bit special.  If I do reprint it will be in a different colour way.

With ‘Any Way Up’ I also created a very limited edition Organic fabric bundle printed on Cloud9 Cirrus Solids.  This will be printed only through September to celebrate #organicseptember.  Being organic as we can is something my family strive towards.  I am happy to promote the awareness of the positive and far-reaching impact choosing organic, when you can, has. And to also support the organic and environmentally aware producers.  When printing I use inks that are certified as environmentally friendly and am focusing towards using less plastic and more recyclable materials in my packaging.  It’s a work in process but I feel I am going in the right, more conscious direction.

Any Way Up SkinnyMalinkyQuilts Organic Fabric

All of these fabric are available in my SHOP now.  I have added a Custom Fabric Bundle which is in the Fabric Bundle section.  Here you can choose any of the single fabric panels available to create your very own bundle.  There are also a limited number of Charm Packs and Half panel Bundles.


So I think that’s all for now.

Until next time


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