Dark Floral: A new collection

Hi there!

I really am not the best at keeping this blog up to date am I?  But I thought I would drop in by and let you know a bit about my next collection, Dark Floral.

This summer collection of handprinted fabric, mini pouches, large zipper pouches, made to order cushions and quilts takes inspiration from the 70’s.  When I think of  a 70’s colour palette it’s muted orange and browns with contrasting blues and pinks.   Chrysanthemums and dahlias in bold print and who can forget the good old cheese plant.  What 70’s home was without one?  So this is what I have hoped to capture with my latest collection.

After drawing up the main design I noticed the flowing rhythm the monstera leaves created within the pattern.  Of course I had to explore this a bit further and created a second design to compliment the first.  I have printed the Monstera collection on three shades of green in black and apricot.

Monstera Collection SkinnyMalinkyQuilts

In addition to this I have reprinted The Bees on Cloud9 organic linen.  The Bees hold a special place in my heart.  Not only as it was the first design I ever took to fabric but I am passionate about supporting the protection of these industrious and essential creatures.  With this collection I am delighted to be supporting the Bumblebee Conservation Trust by donating 10% of proceeds from the organic bees to them.

Dark floral and the accompanying fabric collections are available in my shop now. Click HERE to be taken straight there.

Until next time,


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