Too many projects? Never…

Well its all happening over on Instagram.  Three projects on the go at once!  Or maybe its four? I’ll explain.

I decided it was about time I made a quilt for myself.  Shocking that I haven’t already done this, I know! And I saw the #LongTimeGoneSAL was about to kick off.  A gorgeous pattern by Jen Kingwell.  What drew me in was it was completely machine pieced and no Y seams!  Perfect!  The reason I chose to follow a pattern for this was to make my life easier.  No thinking, just put it together.  Also I need the pressure of the weekly deadlines to keep up to make sure it gets done.  I chose to use only scraps from my stash in monochrome.

The next project I just could not resist was #the100dayproject.  For the past two years I have joined in with this.  The first year went not to badly.  I still had the day job at the time and used it to make sure I sewed every day.  Last year, well, I don’t think I made it through the first month.  I moved house twice instead!

This year I am doing #100daysoftinyprints.  The plan is to spend no more than half an hour a day printing.  Creating one hundred A6 prints at the end of the project.  These are all immediate and not planned.  Using lino cut block printing in only black ink on fabulous Arches paper.  Each print will be available to purchase at the end of the project.


The third project that has recently started is my second Quilt Print series.  Hurrah!  After the success of the first how could I not?  I love making these textile art pieces and finding just the right background for each.  Again there will be ten in the series and they will be available mounted, unframed at the end of the project as well as in postcard sets. Mid June I think? If I have done my maths right…


I have another project on the go as well, not quite as regular as the above.  The #improvbee.  So I guess that does make four!  This is a year long project with a group of fabulous Instagram ladies.  Each quarter three of us pick a theme and create a prompt.  We create two blocks per prompt and at the end we will each have enough blocks for a quilt in our chosen theme.

So thats what my Instagram feed will consist of for the foreseeable future.  If you want to follow along head over to MY INSTAGRAM.

And thats all folks, catch you on the flip side!

Lucy x

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