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I love big quilts.  Its no surprise really is it.. I hardly get the opportunity to make them though. *insert sad face emoji here* If I had my way I would just make quilt after quilt after quilt.  The bigger the better.  So I was delighted to finally get round to making ‘One more cup of coffee’.  Named after that Bob Dylan song.  You can just imagine having one more cup on a Sunday morning under this beauty right?


And all big quilts deserve a photoshoot in the wild so we headed out to Cramond Island yesterday  to get some quilt pics.  If you have never been or heard of it, its a small island to the north of Edinburgh.  You access it when the tide is out along a causeway.  There has been quite a few people who have got stuck on the island because they misjudged the tide. Not sure I would fancy spending a night there..

It was unbelievably windy when we visited.  The quilt photo I had wanted to get against the old military outpost was impossible due to the wind.  I had visions of my quilt taking off through the air!



Its probably one of my favourite spots to visit on a Sunday afternoon.

Right in the centre there is a ruined farm steading dating back to the mid 1800’s.  They used to keep sheep on the island apparently until the 60’s and during world war II it became fortified.  So there are lots of interesting over grown, semi ruined structures that make great backdrops.


‘One more cup of coffee’ was made using drunkards path templates and inspired by a tile shape I came across about six months ago.   I couldn’t get the shape out of my head and wanted to see how it would work on a large scale.  I pulled back the colour palette with this one to allow the shape to speak for itself.  It is Quilted in an orange peel design to echo the curved piecing using gorgeous copper Aurifil 40wt.

‘One more cup of coffee’ is available in my ETSY SHOP now.  Available in made to order in cot, throw and double bed size.

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