Colour analysis and quilt in the making

Hi there,

Its been a busy week at Malinky HQ.  One of those weeks that you feel that you are on a hamster wheel.  Busy going round in circles, not getting anywhere and not finishing anything..

One person that did complete something was Andrea from 3rdstoryworkshop who posted an amazing piece on her blog looking at the colour relationship of my Quilt Prints.  If you haven’t checked out her work already, do so!  She is brilliant.  I loved her blog post.  Its like she got in my head and described what I do in a wonderfully cohesive manner.  Thanks Andrea!

In other fun news I began making the quilt that has been nagging at me for months.   The idea came from a tile I came across.  I broke down the tile shape into blocks and played with the composition using colour.  Seriously considering a creating a pattern for this one. What do you think?

It appears many are nervous about curved piecing and find it difficult.  I know how you feel.  I did too!  Until I discovered that pins got in the way and sewing up the blocks without pins was not only faster but much easier.  Check out my previous blog post about just that here:  Curved piecing, who needs pins?

Anyhoo, best be off and sew up a gazillion drunkards path blocks..

Until next time,



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