Quilt print fabric colours.

So I have have gone back and forth about writing this blog post after a conversation with one of my friends.  Her words “Are you mad? Why would you tell everyone how you made your artwork?  Do you want them to rip you off?  Thats what is special about them, the colour combinations you have spent hours deciding on”.

You can see why I had to think about it…  Call me naive but I like helping people.  Colour choice can be so difficult!  Everyone knows its not cool to copy artists designs and we are talking about a list of fabric colours that is readily available to everyone, right?  

If I can help someone decided on a colour scheme for their next quilt then I am happy!  And if you contacted me because you wanted a bit of colour guidance I would be delighted! 


So without further ado.  A list of the Kona Cotton solids I used in the Quilt Prints:

Bahama Blue, Citrus, Dahlia, Crocus, Blue, Storm, Windsor, Gold,  Old Green, Celadon,  Creamsicle, Nectarine, Malibu, Marine, Dusty Peach, Ash, Straw, Honey dew, Pepper, Cloud, Banana, Petunia, Candy pink, Dusty Blue, Black, Cactus, Flame, Bright pink,  Pickle, Mango, Oyster, Orchid, Wasabi, Ice peach, Parchment, Silver, Gumdrop

The original Quilt Print textile art work is available in my Etsy Shop now as well as mini art prints/notecards of the series.  You are welcome to go and browse!

Until next time



5 thoughts on “Quilt print fabric colours.

  1. Thanks for this! I want to make a quilt in solids but I’m horrible at choosing colours. I don’t want to copy your quilt prints, I’m going to do some other design. Maybe in a Rebel quilt.


    1. Thanks Lucy! I really wanted to do the post as a reference as so many people had asked. But I did think, hmmm.. not really planned on others making them. There are so many Kona colours to choose from so I think it is useful to narrow them down.


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