How to sew an inside zip pocket

Hey everyone!

I promised I would write a post for how I went about adding an inside zip pocket to my clutch bags.  So here it is!

The pocket panel measures 7″ across and adjust the depth depending on how deep you want your pocket.  Cut two of these.  Place one of the pocket panels right sides facing in the centre 2″ down from the top of your lining panel.  Mark a rectangular box 3/8″ x 5.5″ on your pocket panel 1″ from the top. Sew along your rectangle.

Cut along the centre of your rectangle cutting a V towards the corners.  Be careful not to cut into the stitching but get as close as possible.   Pull the pocket square through to the back of the lining.  Press.  The pic bottom left is how the front will look and bottom right is the back.

Attaching the zip:  Place and pin the zip facing through from behind the panel. Adjust the end of the zip if needed as I did in the photo below.  I had an 8″ zip which I shortened for this.

Sew around the zip.  I found with the zipper foot I ended up too close to the zip and preferred using the foot below to secure the zip in place.

To finish the pocket: Turn over and place the second pocket panel right sides together and pin around the edges.  Sew around the edge of the pocket panels and over the zip ends with a 1/4″ seam moving the lining out of the way as you go.  This seals the pocket.


I hope that makes sense.  Any questions ask away.

If you haven’t already,  check out Poppy and Poochie‘s blog post about Growing your creativity and her most recent about what to do when you have lost your SewJo.  Its a great series and there are some fab link ups to read.  Oh and my guest post from last week, of course!

Until next time..


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