Octopoda: Fabric collection no.3

Phew! I got it finished on time.  I don’t know about you but I always forget how much the school summer holidays impact on work time.  Anyway I managed to get Octopoda printed and ready on schedule. Whoot!

I love creating these mini collections and chose Octopus for my inspiration this time.  Well it made sense that I should go into the sea after Actinomycetes and Flying High.  I chose Octopus because they are intelligent , practical creatures as well as being graceful and beautiful.

Did you know they have three hearts, blue blood and can reform limbs that have been severed?  They can also camouflage themselves in a spilt second to blend in with their surroundings and avoid predators.   Octopuses (apparently the correct plural) are capable of quite complex behaviour being able to unscrew lids and use discarded coconut shells as tools and shelter.  And we all remember Paul the Octopus that predicted the World Cup results in 2010.  Need I say more..

So without further ado… Octopoda!

IMG_0042This is the first collection that I have created a full panel design.  I am going to be using a few of these to make cushion tops from.   Paper piecing a border around them using other prints in the collection.

IMG_0040With Octopoda I wanted to create images likened to old seafarer tattoos or those illustrations where the giant octopus is reaching up out of the sea to engulf the passing ship.  IMG_0041

Octopoda’s print run will continue until 31st October.  Panels are available in my Etsy Shop now.

Until next time


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