Fabric and Crochet Baskets, Oh My!

I got some play time in, hurrah!  The kids went off to their Grans for a holiday which gave me much needed space to try out new techniques and processes.  When the kids are away I will play!

If you have been following me on Instagram you will have seen various random makes popping up in my feed.  Playing and experimentation is the part of the making process that usually gets pushed aside for orders and commissions.  But, its the part where the best ideas and inspiration comes from!

When I sat down to write this post I realised I have been making too many projects to cover in just one post.  So I  have decided to split the post up and spread it over a few weeks. It was in danger of becoming ridiculously lengthy and we all have busy lives, right?

And so it started a few of weeks back when I came across Wool and the Gang who have a range of yarn that is made from up cycled t-shirts.  Fabulous!!!  I loved the idea of using up cycled material to make my crochet baskets from. (I have been trying to become more environmentally conscious in my approach to making products)  It did not disappoint!

When crocheted it gives a really firm finish and due to the yarn thickness it is a really fast make.   The black and white, aptly named Beetle juice, yarn has a stretch to it which makes it perfect for covering plant posts to snuggly take on their shape and not have any saggy gaps at the top.  No one likes a saggy gap now do we.

To make the baskets I started with a magic loop, single crocheted x 2 in the round until I got my desired base width, then half double crocheted into the outside loop to get the height.  If you crochet that should make sense to you.

I had been searching all over for the perfect succulents to go with my crochet baskets and came across Glenhirsts Cacti Nursery.  If you are into succulents this is an amazing place to get them online in the UK.  Their range was brilliant!  Of course, I chose ones that would complement my baskets.  They arrived within a couple of days and were in great condition and have planted up well.  I hadn’t realised they would come without pots but they apparently like to travel that way and came with information and instructions for their care.  I love them, they are perfect!

Continuing the basket experimentation  I wanted to try my hand at the fabric variety and had been holding on to a fat quarter of a Japanese neon fabric for just the right make. I can’t remember the name of or seem to be able to get this fabric anywhere now. If anyone knows please let me know!  Fabric stacking baskets turned out to be the perfect project to show it off and I chose a complete contrast fabric for the lining in Gust Cobalt from Cotton and Steel.

I found a few fabric basket patterns over on Pinterest and used these measurements as a starting point.  The baskets are totally straight forward to make but I managed to sew up the wrong sides twice and tried to turn them inside out and then finally realised the lining sits in and the baskets are closed by folding the rim in, pinning and topstitching.  I really should read patterns before I make things… One handy tip I discovered was to attach the fusible stabiliser to the lining rather than the outside fabric.  This allows the basket to be firm but not feel cardboardy.

Thats all from me.  The stacking baskets and succulent pot cover are listed in my Etsy Shop  now.  Also just to remind you if you want to get your hands on my Actinomycetes fabric you have until the 31st July when the collection ends.  After this time whats left will be removed and made into other things.  Probably fabric baskets!  My next fabric collection will be released at the beginning of August and I will let you know more about that soon.

Until next time, Lucy

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