Real knitting problems : Where to store those huge knitting needles.

Big knitting is all the rage now days.  And with it comes the problem of where to store those oversized knitting needles required to knit with big wool.  Have you ever tried to shove those oversized needles into a standard knitting needle case?  Which has then gone on to unravel and open, splaying an array of knitting needles everywhere.  This was the dilemma facing one of my favourite people.

At the beginning of last week I had a friend contact me who was having difficulty finding a knitting needle holder big enough to hold her needles.  They were either too small in length, did not have enough space inside, there was nowhere to store her crochet needles etc.  An array of knitting problems!  So, not one to turn down a challenge I set about designing a knitting needle case that was everything she needed it to be; Long enough for her biggest knitting needle,  additional compartments for crochet hooks and sock needles or yarn,  separation in the core of the case to stop needles bunching up , padded so the needles don’t poke out, get damaged or stab you in the arm when you are shoving them in your bag.

And so I came up with the Meg Knitting Case.  (The needles here are my own for demonstration)  I added two sets of poppers to close the front pocket and to hold the top flap in place because we don’t want the needles falling out all over the place.


I have set up a listing in my Etsy shop for the Meg Knitting Case  where you can select the colour you want and have one made just for you.

Until next time,


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