Flying High!!!

So this is what happens when one finally pulls one’s finger out and stops just doodling in their sketchbook thinking about printing fabric! 

I am so excited to reveal my debut mini collection ‘Flying High’.  This collection is a nod to my printmaking background and the countless hours drawing insects in sketchbooks at art school.  Everyone did this right?   We used to be taken on location drawing to the zoology museum where they had drawers upon drawers of pinned insects which I found fascinating.  So in a return to my roots it made sense to use my ink drawings of dragonflies and bees to create a printmaking inspired collection of  handpulled screenprinted fabric.   I wanted to keep the collection palette to a minimum of grayscale tones but could not resist a pop of vibrant yellow.    

Thank you so much for following my progress over the past year.  I hope you will enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed making it. 

Hand printed fabric panels are available from my Etsy Shop now. 

Until next time, Lucy

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