Quilt Karma. Is it a real thing?

A while back I read that you should never exchange a quilt for money. If one did this bad karma would be bestowed upon you.  Now when you are trying to run a business this can cause a bit of an issue… However over the past few years I have noticed that when my sales slow down if I do something quilt related out of the goodness of my own heart, things pick up again.  Call it coincidence but I am becoming a firm believer in quilt karma.  So, after an extended break business slowed down. Bring on the selfless acts of quiltiness! When I moved house I gave some cushion covers to my friends as leaving gifts and volunteered my skills for a hand stitching project.  And hey presto! I now have a couple of exciting projects in the pipeline and things are looking to get busy again. 

I can’t wait to show you what am working towards but for now here’s a wee bit of EPP (hand stitching to build up the karma points) to whet the whistle. 

Until next time..


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