Stitch Gathering 

Last weekend was so much fun!! I was at the Stitch Gathering in Edinburgh organised by  Jo from MyBearPaw. It was #amazing!!! It was also slightly surreal meeting all the online ladies I have been following and been inspired by over the past few years.  My first class was the mouse comforter.  I was under strict instructions from child no.2 to make a ‘grown up’ mouse for him. He is three after all..  
 After lunch was free motion quilting tips and techniques.  I shall be polishing up my table and buying drawer liners!  My final class was the macaroon pouch. This remains unfinished but I will not be beaten by this tiny pouch of loveliness.  The whole day was so well organised. The goody bag was fabulous. Roll on next year! 

Next on the list is the first of my Modern Quilt Guild challenges.

I guess you won’t be surprised by my colour scheme! Definately a grey period for me. 

In between all this I am supposed to have started the Farmers Wife Sew Along… Late to the party as usual!  I think there are over 3000 people taking part in this now.  Brilliant! Looking forward to checking out all the different versions over on FB and IG. 

Aaah, better get sewing..

Until next time, Lucy. 

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