Who am I?


If you are reading my blog for the first time, Welcome!  I thought it was time I told you a bit about myself and my hopes for this blog. 

I am a busy mum (aren’t we all!) of two living in Scotland.  I studied Printmaking at University and my creative making trailed off quite quickly after leaving.  I discovered quilting a couple of years back when trying to find a unique gift for my first nephew.  In short I am hooked.  

I began this blog to give a behind the scenes look at the making of my quilts.  To show techniques, fabric choices and processes as I am learning and discovering them.  I also wanted to connect to others in the blogging/ quilting community.  

I am currently working on pattern testing for another quilter. Will be attending the Stitch Gathering in September and preparing for Flock design and Craft fair in November.  Also I have signed up for a massive year long sew along which is shaping up to be an incredible international event.  I am looking forward to sharing how all of these go here on the blog. 

I hope, one day, to be in a position to give up the day job and focus full time on making.  After all it’s the thing that keeps me sane! 

Until next time….


4 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. I cannot sew at all, but I am thinking of making my first quilt/blanket out of old Star Wars t-shirts my son wore when he was little. Is that too much to take on for a first project? Thanks!


    1. Excellent! I am sure you would be absolutely fine. There are lots of info/ tutorials online about using tshirts. If I remember correctly they need to be stabilised before sewing to stop them stretching all over the place. Happy sewing!


  2. Hello there! It’s nice to meet you…virtually, 😉 I love your quilting projects. They are fresh & modern. Keep up the good work…I think you may have inspired me to get ‘back at it’, so to speak.


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